The Gate 生門 - Trailer


4 min 16 sec

Director&Animator:Kino Jin

Music and Sound design: Cazz Cerkez

Background: Kino Jin, Richan Li

Advisor: Michael O’Rourke, Liz Blazer

Genderless children are raised inside the walls of a rigid city. At the age of 12, the children are forced to become “adults,” and give up their emotions and memories. When they become adults, their faces are hidden by masks, and they lose their individuality. A child, K-12012, and their friend, J-12606, accidentally discover a unique device in the library, which reveals the history of their city and allows them to escape.

The Gate_Poster_Vertical_2000x3000
The Gate_Poster_v01_2000x.2667
The Gate_Storyboard
The Gate_Prop Design
The Gate_Children Silhouette
The Gate_Adults Silhouette
The Gate_Children Design
The Gate_Child K-12012 Design
The Gate_Adult J-12606 Design
The Gate_Child 12012 Varities
The Gate_Adult 12606 Varities
The Gate_Child Color Test
The Gate_Adult Color Test
The Gate_Text Design
The Gate_Copyright