Journey (2016)

Have you ever felt jealous of the freedom of the bird or the fish?


When I see birds soaring through the sky and fish roaming in the sea, I get the urge to go on a journey. I would think that a motorcycle’s purpose in life is to go places; a plane’s purpose in life is to fly over high mountains; a submarine’s purpose in life is to swim in the ocean…….. as a traveler’s purpose in life is to travel, experience new challenges, and discover the world.


These images are of my journey ….. to a science-fiction world …..where I seek my own identity in this future. It focuses on a life of travel and the relationship among the human, the animal, and the machine. The artist seeks communication with the future to express feelings of the urge to explore and travel with the freedom of expression of visualizing with our minds and images the destiny of a future journey we can only imagine.

On The Road

In The Sky

Go On Journey

Thousand Peace (2016)

© 2020 by Kino Jin