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Rockefelle Pattern Oval Dish
Nestorian Crosses
Bronze Mirrors


In this exhibition, ancient cultural relics are given new vitality thanks to unique styles of the artists. Despite the solemn and convention of the cultural relics, their stories become frames and images, which makes the traditional exhibition route a series of adventures. What’s limited turn to limitless. This is a seemingly passing but not passing space. What's passing is the story, while what's not is the present. We hope that visitors can slow down and experience the second birth of the cultural relics. You can wonder in the ancient history and see the world through children's eyes like you are in a beautiful dream through time and space.

Share the view from children's eyes in the mirage of Neverland.


In collaboration with Slow Art Day 慢藝術日 - The University Museum Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong. 

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