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Animated Poerty - Body


37 sec


Direction: Vann Law

Illustration: Lynne Goh, Ang Ying Wen, Lu Xiao

Animation: Hadi Muslim, Felicia Sharren, Vann Law, Kino Jin

Frame-by-frame Animation: Kino Jin

3D Animation: Hadi Muslim


Poetry (written and performance): Wordsmiths of Kuching

Program lead and Event coordinator: HAUS KCH


Music: Christopher Slaski via Audio Network



It is What About Kuching (WAK2022) and five poets will be performing that evening on stage at the Old Courthouse. Inspired by their poems and trust, this animation was created to open and encapsulate their performance surrounding the theme ‘BODY’. 

A soul goes body-window-shopping at a spoken word poetry event. 

A project that arose from admiring a previous poetry performance by the same Wordsmiths. Many conversations followed which led to aiming for their What About Kuching performance. After several rounds of bouncing narrative ideas, finally, we share here our visual explorations and process. 


The poems touched on several themes - vulnerability, self-love, judgment, amongst others - and brought to mind imagery of mirrors, stage, dance, or specific objects mentioned such as glittery mary janes and muddy puddle. 


Taking inspiration from Georgia O'Keeffe's floral paintings as the main motif, we explored the story of a Soul weaving through different poems, diving close to letters and words, and finally engulfed into a body itself, where these stories and souls ultimately resonate from at this spoken poetry event. 

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