paper collage on wood

Have you ever encountered someone at a crossroad, and there was a moment that you thought you were part of each other’s lives, even though you were facing in opposite directions? Have you ever had a friend, who once shared the same interests as you, but you no longer keep in touch since you have grown up and gone on another path…We all view ourselves from a different perspective than other people do. We tend to think that we can understand the ones closest to us, but we are not even close to understanding. What sticks to our heart are those things replaying what happened in the past.


As the title Adrift indicates, to me, life drifts between illusion and reality, as if I am in a daydream and can never wake up. Each side of the paper collage sculpture reveals different struggles and suffering among different people, who are trying to make connections with others. The sail-shaped sculpture is a symbol of path, a fictional journey toward our different destinations.

© 2020 by Kino Jin